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I bought a cheap USB pedal and use it for push to talk, it works great. I think Zoom now has a preference for holding down space to temporarily unmute your mic. But I fully agree, push-to-talk should be absolutely mandatory for any calls with more than 2 people in them. For the love of all that is decent with humanity, use push to talk. Hikensha has a story with both Max O’ Kane and the Drakken Kreyang and the split personality Mizi Kuritiz.

Fortunately, it’s now common knowledge that EC2 instances are subject to disappearing due to hardware reasons and that this needs to be « worried » about . Once VFs are created and assigned, it largely « Just Works ». The only real caveat I know of is that seamless live migration of the guest is no longer an option, because now all of the network virtualization is handled in the hardware instead of the hypervisor.

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I need to get approval they are OK with their peers being publicly listed (easy DDoS potential, we don’t have code yet to mitigate it). WebRTC requires some sort of external communication channel to exchange information about how to set up the connection. The central servers don’t have to do much, but they need to exist so new nodes on random IPs can find each other. The Internet has no native service discovery bus. If Discord is basically proxying the raw packets from one client to the others, isn’t that wasted bandwidth . I understand from the post that the goal would be to mask the ip of the users, to shoulder user privacy and the ddos vector.

Voice activation levels are set by the person themselves. You don’t manage someone’s for them, you can change someone else’s volume. People also need to know to enable AEC in their audio driver, which completely solves the problem of whatever sounds they’re playing leaking into their mic.

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Can’t speak for Discord but at that scale a provider is probably going to charge you for the physical pipe 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps, or by the bandwidth used using the 95% percentile method. I realize my overall point is, essentially, FUD, but, absent a large enough installed base, that’s not a totally outlandish stance for a decision-maker with an already-working solution. For the guest, just making sure the driver is installed should be all that’s required. For ixgbevf, the ubiquitous commercial option, it’s been in-tree for the Linux kernel for at least half a decade. Whether this qualifies as exceptional is, of course, arguable, but I’m arguing that it is.


This allows the peers to share the IP addresses at which they’re accessible, as well as the formats and codecs they each support. We don’t transcode audio/video on the server. Each stream is processed and muxed by the client. The server is merely relaying rtp packets and tagging them with a given ssrc per peer. Mimicking it’s nature isn’t the hardest task in the world if all the data is handed on a silver platter, and it’s even easier when their client code is uncompiled JavaScript.

Hosting the DisQuip Bot On a Server

The hardest part is getting through NAT and firewalls and that’s not a problem on your own LAN. The bulk of the user-space time on the SFU is spent doing encryption (xalsa/dtls). We also avoid memory allocations in the hot paths, using fixed-size ring buffers as much as possible. Perhaps I can answer some of these questions. We’ve dealt with scenarios where we’ve had to fail-over entire data-centers to other regions, or other data-centers within that region. We have a few mitigations in-place for stuff like this.

For my game, I wrote a simple UDP to WebRTC datachannel proxy in NodeJS, suing node-electron, webrtc-electron and SimplePeer. My proxy only works downstream, with the upstream signalling using websockets. I’m going to move over to an all WebRTC architecture, however. There are public ICE/STUN servers that can facilitate amplitude discord bot NAT-punching, google even hosts one. But that’s not the aspect that I thought the root comment was talking about, but more the aspect of « A is hosting a room called ‘stuff’, and B and C want to browse the list of rooms and connect to it ». You still ultimately need some channel to set up that initial P2P connection.

Get the number of seconds remaining of the audio output buffer. Floatget_secs_remaining ()Get the number of seconds remaining of the audio output buffer. By default, all audio files will first be pre-normalized to a peak amplitude of 0 dB. This is accomplished using ffmpeg-normalize. Addressed minor issue with random command when the caller was not in a voice channel.

VOIP applications are especially vulnerable to replay attacks, for instance. Right, so it’s a chromium C++ repo that you need to create bindings for to interact with. I got really big stutter with head of line blocking on TCP. You can make things better by conspiring to send only 1 packet messages of about 512 bytes or less, and not too often.

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For example the bounty hunter Sara Numas can only use swords and is unable to use pistols, heavy machine guns or spears. The player starts by selecting two characters to crash land with. Each time a door within the dungeon is opened it counts as a turn, and will allow players to come across both treasures and monsters. This event will be called when you can read from the custom fd. NoteIt is possible to use this function while the output stream is paused.

Discord definitely made the correct decision calling them « guilds » internally and « servers » for user-facing material. Nearly every user has always called them servers. I believe this is a tradition that has been grandfathered into voice chat apps. Previous ones like Ventrilo have you actually connect to a private server (that someone pays for / hosts). Wouldn’t the sheer overlap of sounds of people mashing on their keyboards drive you insane? I wonder if the difference in PTT vs voice activated has to do with the common games being played at the time.

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It would have taken my community a lot longer to switch over from our Teamspeak server and come to Discord if they were called guilds. I feel like if I told a non-gamer friends to join my Discord ‘guild’ I’d get less yesses than if I called it a ‘server’. In a way ‘server’/’community’ feel like much more inclusive terms. Everyone hosting their own Ventrilo/Mumble/Ts3 servers had the huge advantage that not only one single company got all data everyone produces. In Overwatch, we can set the input/output volume but no threshold and my mic doesn’t have that option. Even for Overwatch in a group with 2-3 friends I’d much rather have them use PTT because a lot of people are keyboard-smashing typists who can’t set the mic transmit threshold right.

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Get the number of tracks remaining in the output buffer. This is calculated by the number of track markers plus one. Uint32_tget_tracks_remaining ()Get the number of tracks remaining in the output buffer. How can I evaluate the support service effectiveness?

  • It’s really hard to discern anything about what those words are, or even what language they come from.
  • It’s also contradictory to the common practice of clans/scrim groups having a PTT policy.
  • That’s also why Discord proxies all embedded media from third parties through their own servers (except for some major sites, that are white-listed).
  • You still ultimately need some channel to set up that initial P2P connection.
  • The voice activation can be set not to have squad breathing and chewing in your ear – but you’ll hear every Crack of desperate mouse movement…

The DisQuip Bot will automagically join the voice channel you’re currently in once it receives a valid command. Note that DisQuip Bot can only be in one voice channel per server at any given time. The DisQuip bot does not dynamically detect changes to audio files or configurations. After making a change, simply stop the bot and start it again to pick up any changes. The internet is full of audio files that are available to you for no cost. For example, myinstants.com has all sorts of files.

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